Photos of Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea

I’ve been very remiss with uploading my photographs to Picasa for the last few months. The fact that I am leaving South Korea on Tuesday has forced me to get up to date with everything.

Some photos from Chuncheon:

2009-07-25 to 2009-07-26 Chuncheon

A very rainy day at a traditional Korean village museum:

2009-06-20 Traditional Korean Village

A day at Everland:

2009-06-21 Everland

A panorama made using autostitch from the roof of Tekno Mart:

2009-07-25 Tekno Mart

A short trip to Hong Kong and Macau:

2009-07-29 to 2009-08-01 Hong Kong

A quick hike up Achasan, where one can see much of Seoul:

2009-10-02 Achasan

A day at Seoraksan National Park with my parents:

2009-10-28 Seoraksan National Park

At Bulguksa near Gyeongju:

2009-10-30 Bulguksa near Gyeongju

A day trip to Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon:

2009-11-01 Suwon

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