Tagged db-pages and mailing-list plug-ins for Haddock CMS

I’ve tagged two of the plug-ins from Haddock CMS that are going to get affected by the changes that I’m making to the core of Haddock CMS in


If you have a project that uses the branch of Haddock CMS that has the admin, database, html-tags and public-html modules in the core, e.g.


or (currently)


Then you might need to make references to the following tagged directories in the svn:externals properties of your projects:


The trunks of these two plug-ins are not being updated at this point, so there’s no rush to change the external references. While I’m working on the core of Haddock CMS (removing cruft mainly) in a branch (see above), it does not make sense to change the trunks of any of the plug-ins to work with that branch. Except for the plug-ins that have been moved from the core.

The point is that I’m trying not to mess around with code in the trunks of the core or plug-ins, but code in the trunks cannot be relied upon not to change and production systems should reference external directories in the tags directories.

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