One-liner to make sure svn updates work

I’ve been having problems getting Subversion updates to complete reliable of late. I have an enormous working directory called ‘programming-projects’ that is basically a large list in svn:externals. It’s useful to be able to go to the root of that working directory and update everything at once. This is especially useful for checking the development versions of projects that are using the latest versions of Haddock CMS.

However, normally before all the directories have been updated, one of the external servers will return a 502 error (or similar) and the process will die. The best solution that I’ve found so far is to run the following command:

perl -e '$r = 1; while($r) { $r = system("svn up") } '

It simply keeps calling svn up until it is successful. It’s not very elegant, but it works. Is there an argument that you can give to Subversion that will achieve something similar?

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