Everyone that I meet who cares to share their opinion seems to be very excited about Barrack Obama. This is understandable, he appears to have the potential to be a great president. However, effervescently singing the praises of anyone in power is never a sane thing to do.

The most dangerous part of the Obama cult seems to be the way that people project whatever they want on to him. He said that he would be prepared to send troops and planes over the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan in order to chase suspected terrorists. This has made him unpopular in Pakistan. However, some of his supporters insist that this threat was just empty rhetoric to convince conservatives that he is not a pussy. If you question his fondness for protectionism, people will insist that it just rhetoric to attract blue collar voters.

A politician who has been singing his praise even when they think that he is lying seems like a very great danger.

He promises to create 5 million green jobs by spending 15 billion dollars per year for 10 years on his Green New Deal. How anyone can create that many jobs for 3000 dollars each is beyond me, but we shall see if it has some of the desired effects.

A country that is galvanised by hope for a peaceful, prosperous, and green future is a beautiful sight, and I don’t want to be a party pooper. Big government projects have achieved great things in the past. They’ve also been wasteful. The worst consequence of an environmental Keynesian package (e.g. government money being spent on solar panels in cloudy and lefty Portland, Oregon) are probably not as bad as doing nothing. However, a package that spends billions of tax dollars and makes people feel good about themselves without having any measurable impact on carbon dioxide emissions would be ghastly.

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