Blatantly Misleading Headline in Guardian

I sometimes wonder if anyone can read the Guardian without cringing:…

The headline presents the Tories as anti-multicultural but the comments of Dominic Grieve could not be interpreted in that way by anyone who read the article.

The sad part is that Guardianistas lap this sort of filth up and believe it sincerely. A few minutes perusing the comments left by readers on any article that mentions the current Conservative lead in the polls, and you’re sure to find some reference to St. Margaret’s statement about there being ‘no such thing as society’. Anyone who took the trouble to read Mrs T’s statement might be surprised to find that she was not advocating donning an Armani suit and racking up some charlie whilst the forgotten bootless millions wept on the street. She was in fact telling people something similar to Kennedy’s exhortation in his inaugural address about how one ought to ‘ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country’. No one ever calls JFK a scoundrel for saying that. An individual’s sense of responsibility has to outweigh that of entitlement for society to work.

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