Quercus PHP

I’ve no time to test this with Haddock CMS in the near future, but this seems interesting:


There are some impressive performance benefits to be had:


Why PHP running on the JVM hasn’t gotten more attention has baffled me for a while. Python and Ruby (and gazillions of other languages) have been on the JVM (and .NET for that matter) for donkeys. Of course, there are similar projects:


PHP is (IMHO) lovable because it’s such a mongrel mutt. It tries to take the best from lots of languages and is pretty easy to work with. The benefits of using bytecode on a virtual machine are attractive.

I’m not sure why this isn’t on offer everywhere. There are a billion web hosts selling the traditional LAMP package for $7 per month (or less) with ever increasing amounts of disk space and monthly transfer. I’m not aware of any of them that sell a PHP package on the JVM or .NET. I wonder what the complication is.

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