Haddock Sanity Check

I never set out to write a web framework. Haddock CMS has always been just the common elements of a lot of web sites that I’ve written and worked on. It’s taken a lot of time and effort but I think that investment will be returned in the long run. Hopefully 🙂

Part of the advantage of writing a framework by refactoring the elements to common to several sites is that it avoids over engineering features. Nothing in the framework should be there because it solves a general problem when a solution to a specific problem would have been better. That would go against doing the simplest thing that could possibly work.

However, I didn’t have a place where I could check that all of the plug-ins for Haddock CMS worked together. There now is one:


If you check out this to a vhost project root, it’s not a very useful site but a good place to check that everything is still working.

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