Haddock CMS site redesign for narrow screens

As promised, I’ve rearranged the divs on the Haddock CMS site to work better on narrower screens.

I made all the edits to the code using Komodo Edit on an EEE PC. The only modification that I’ve made to the EEE PC is to use the full desktop and install Komodo.

Shelling in to my dev and production servers for SVN and to run the various Haddock CLI scripts is not really any different on the small machine. Komodo connects to the dev machine using SCP better on Xandros than it does on Vista (which isn’t hard). phpMyAdmin and cPanel are also fine on the small screen.

While I wouldn’t want to work like this all the time, my main objection is anatomical rather than to do with the performance of the machine. My neck is a little sore.

The only things that I need on the EEE PC at this point are Subversion and TrueCrypt. I’m sure that I can get them working soon enough. Other than that, I would only need the bigger machine for testing what the sites look like other browsers on a larger screen.

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