Darren Seymour’s Photos

Just helped my mum put some photos that our neighbour Darren Seymour has taken of my sister, Georgina, and of our garden on Picasa.


Thanks Darren!

Picasa’s such a simple program to use. Even though my mum is perhaps not the most computer literate person, she was able to get the photos in to the album simply and without too much hand-holding. A sure sign of a well built bit of software!

I often need to resize and upload photos to my own sites. My clients also often need this feature. It’s simple enough to upload photos with a browser and resize them using ImageMagick and php. The problems start when you have 400 full size (6 to 12 MB each) photos that need to be resized and uploaded to a server to be displayed on the web. Uploading the photos full size and resizing them all on the server is out of the question. Does anyone know of an open-source clone of Picasa that can resize and upload photos to an arbitrary script on any server? Ideally, it would create thumbnails and be able to call scripts that associate the thumbnails with the resized photos in an database.

2 thoughts on “Darren Seymour’s Photos

  1. saul February 26, 2008 / 2:49 pm

    They’re some great photos. Looking good.

    Such a program would be very useful. Easy enough to do with a shell script, but I don’t know of a windows app that would do it all.


  2. Robert Impey February 26, 2008 / 5:03 pm

    I think that I’m going to write the photo uploader program as a tool that’s part of the tools project for Haddock CMS:


    To start with, it will be just a collection of command line scripts written in PHP that wrap around ImageMagick.

    The scripts will be able to resize photos and add them to a server with Haddock CMS and the photographs plug-in installed.

    Once the upload routine is tested, porting the scripts to a Java desktop app might make sense.


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