Linux from Scratch and Vitualisation

I’ve been looking at the Linux from Scratch site recently and been thinking about whether making my own custom Linux installation would be worth the time and effort.

The only programs that I might describe as being of primary importance that I use on my servers are Apache with PHP, MySQL, Postfix and Courier. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my own DNS serving but have kept putting it off. I’d like to separate these services to their own virtual machines for security and reliability. Having a complete installation of Debian on each virtual machine seems like overkill. Also, configuration of each machine should be tailored to the use of each program. Therefore, a custom installation of Linux à la “Linux from Scratch” seems like a good idea.

I imagine that others must have had a similar idea to this at some point. Does anyone know of any projects that are trying to build custom distributions honed for a single services to be run as a guest OS?

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